Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 23 - Marfa Farmer's Market

After an amazing breakfast at the Austin Street Cafe, we head to the Farmer's Market in town where we are greeted by familiar faces.

We chatted with our new friends in Marfa and visited the stands (almost adopted a dog - ALBERT!) We run into Tom Michael, the director of the Marfa Public Radio Station. He agrees to do an interview. However, he surprises us by inviting us into the studio and has us on air for the interview segment.

We leave for White Sands National Park in New Mexico later that afternoon. On the way out of Marfa stands an art installation of a Prada Store. Check out our still photos short - to be re-edited at a later date to original music.

On the border of Texas and New Mexico, we hear a pop and a hiss in El Paso, TX. We see a brakes shop and get off at that exit. But, it is 5pm on Saturday and everyone is closed. We open the hood and immediately spot the issue: the air compressor hose has now popped off. We finally find a mechanic who replaces one simple ring and we are on our way again.

En route to White Sands, the roads start to get hilly. About 20 miles south of White Sands, the bus starts lurching - the gears are not working properly. We stop to let it rest and finally make it to White Sands National Park at 11:30pm. We pull in and the park ranger informs us that they are closed for the night and we can't park there. We drive 13 miles to the next town, Alamogordo, NM and park in a Holiday Inn parking lot to sleep.

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